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how it works
you'll see changes
Nothing in life remains the same. Your artistic skills are no exception. WPS is the most fun you'll ever have learning new skills. Say goodbye to boring textbooks. Say hello to hands-on practical tips and techniques from the pros.
How it works
Since 1996, Web Photo School has provided personalized instruction to students of all ages and skill levels. Through the use of easy-to-understand photography lessons, we teach step-by-step photo techniques designed to improve your skills as an artist, a photographer or just someone wanting to learn how to take better pictures. What you learn online at your own pace are professional solutions you'll be able to use forever.
We teach photography
Everyone has something to learn, whatever his/her level. The instructors who write our lessons are experienced photographers in their field, sensitive to your level, your challenges, and your success and failure threshold.
6 sample lessons
with no obligation
These are just a preview of what you'll find in the Lesson Library. We hope after trying a few, you'll want to go further in your self-education. That would mean exploring our Lesson Library and signing up for a membership plan that suits your needs.
A lesson library of 300+ lessons
We offer lessons for every level of experience. Categories range from learning how to use your digital camera to professional techniques that help you overcome complex challenges. At Web Photo School, we make sure you're never bored!
Pay as you learn
We want to make you an offer you can't refuse. That's why there are two ways to buy lessons: with a Monthly Membership of $9.99 or a Yearly Membership of $79.99. The best bang for your buck is the Yearly Membership, of course, which works out to be only $6.67 per month!
20% of our members went on to become professional photographers after they gained experience and confidence on Web Photo School. They say that Web Photo School is their secret weapon!

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