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If you've ever tried to photograph clothing for commercial or resale purposes, you know how challenging it can be. Not only do you have to contend with awkward camera angles, access to a shooting space with adequate ceiling height, and be able to create lighting that is natural, even, and dynamic, you also have to make sure the clothing is styled in such a way to make it appealing to customers. Easier said than done! As you'll soon see, having a photo stylist on set is an absolute must when shooting clothing.

This lesson takes a look at some of the techniques and tools a clothing stylist uses, as well as some dynamic lighting approaches for clothing in the studio.

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Topics Covered:

  • Putting Styling Board Together
  • The Studio Space
  • Point-and-Shoot Results
  • Configuring the Lights
  • A Note On Power Settings
  • A Stylist's Toolbox
  • Creating Loft and Flexibility
  • Creating Movement in Fabric
  • Slimming the Arms
  • The Predominant Light
  • The Working Distance With Hard Light
  • Accentuating With Fill
  • Readjustments To Styling
  • Reducing Overall Contrast
  • Detagging, Delinting
  • Enhancements in Photoshop
  • Comparisons
  • Have Gear, Will Travel

Equipment Used:


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