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This lesson illustrates how to light a large object with reflective surfaces for both photography and video productions. In order to shoot large products, you need a large enough space to fit your backdrop and light sources. Also, we recommend that when shooting large objects with reflective surfaces, that your shooting space have no windows or outside light spilling in, as this can cause unwanted reflections on the surface of your products.

It is also important to have a large light source to light both your background and your objects in order to achieve the most even and softest light possible. Here, we used two 2000-watt lights on the background and two 1000-watt lights in front of our object, a telescope. At first glance, the size of the light units may seem overkill to you, but you'll soon see how they are ideal for illuminating large objects.

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Topics Covered:

  • Start with the Background
  • Adding a Third Light
  • Adding a Fourth Light
  • Taking the Close-up Shots
  • Using the Same Set for Video
  • Getting the Color Right
  • Color Bars and Tone
  • Video Tripods
  • Acquiring the Gear
  • Zooming
  • Pans and Tilts
  • Video Clip

Equipment Used:



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