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The Olympus E-3 is a professional level SLR loaded with many innovative features that make high quality imaging not only easier but also more affordable than ever before. One such feature is the E-3's Remote Wireless Flash capability when used with the Olympus FL-50R flash unit. No longer do you need to hassle with cables, sync cords, and unreliable slave units. Now you can have wireless operation of three (or more) flash units and have precision control over each unit's output, all from the camera's integrated menu system.

This lesson explores how to take advantage of this new wireless flash capability for a simple outdoor portrait and demonstrates how to use two FL-50R flash units to achieve the final result shown here.

(Most images can be clicked for an enlarged view.)

Topics Covered:

  • Built-In Flash Results
  • Working with Ambient Light
  • Configuring the FL-50R Flash
  • Using the RC Mode on the E-3
  • Selecting TTL (Through-The-Lens)
  • Positioning the Key Light
  • Adjusting the Flash Power Output
  • Using a Reflector for Fill Light
  • Adding a Rim Light

Equipment Used:


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