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Creating Professional Bridal Portraits / Bride on beach

While there are many factors that go into making a professional-looking portrait, most pros would agree that lighting and exposure are the most critical.

After all, you may have a great-looking subject in a beautiful location, but unless your exposures are where they should be and your lighting serves to enhance the shot (and not detract from it), your results will end up falling short of their true potential.

And as every pro knows, it can be very frustrating to end up with "almost great" photographs, particularly when you are being paid to shoot a wedding portrait or other special event.

Although there are no fail-safe methods for creating "perfect" pictures, there are camera and lighting techniques you can learn that will help you to get the shots you're after.

This lesson is a continuation of an indoor metering and lighting lesson on this site entitled, "Using A Light Meter For Indoor Bridal Portraits". It examines different reflective and incident metering techniques, provides tips on metering for portraits, and demonstrates how to modify and add lighting outdoors.

(Most images can be clicked for an enlarged view.)

Topics Covered:

  • Comparing Spot and ESP reflective metering modes
  • Multiple approaches for sunlight
  • Using a LitePanel to fill in shadows
  • Why a 5-foot OctoDome creates natural-looking results
  • Using a LitePanel as a second rim light
  • Using an incident meter with strobe power
  • Shooting different perspectives
  • Getting ready for "magic hour"

Equipment Used:


Lighting Equipment

  • Photoflex LitePanel
  • Photoflex LitePanel Accessories
  • Photoflex LiteStand 2322
  • Photoflex Octoconnector
  • Photoflex OctoDome
  • Photoflex Transpac Multi Kit Case
  • Sync cord


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