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Ian shot this lesson at the Riverview Manor Firehouse in Hastings-on-Hudson, New York using members of Engine 46 as his models. These portraits—shot in color and converted to black & white—capture the rawness of these firefighters in all their gritty beauty.

Having navigated around a firehouse, Ian overcame some location challenges to get these stoic shots for a book that he’s collaborating on. With his shot list more than double from its original number, he had to work fast and efficiently (and without an assistant). In this lesson, he’ll walk you through his shoot prep work and setup and demonstrate how he handles the inevitable roadblocks that always seem to pop up.

You’ll learn about Ian’s equipment preferences and lighting tips that allowed him to capture these revealing portraits. Also covered in the lesson is the process of converting color shots to black & white, complete with his valuable Photoshop® tricks that will help you achieve just the look you’re going for.

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Topics Covered:

  • Intro

  • The Lesson Plan

  • The Shoot

  • Setting up a Small OctoDome with Accessory Grids
The Lighting Combination

  • Results

Equipment Used:


Lighting Equipment


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