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Many photographers have the privilege of working with clients that are expecting a baby. The art of capturing the excitement and emotion of this pivotal time takes a lot of practice.

Accomplished photographer, Scott Stulberg, has worked on many shoots mastering his technique for shooting maternity portraits. Follow along in this lesson, as Scott shares his wisdom and experience with creating lasting memories for expecting clients.

Scott Stulberg is an LA-based photographer--but is rarely there, as he works all around the world shooting stock photography, travel and location, portraits and more. He also teaches digital photography at UCLA Extension.

(Most images can be clicked for an enlarged view.)

Topics Covered:

  • Making Memories and Catering to an Expectant Mother's Needs
  • Creating a Soft Glow with Diffusers
  • Controlling Light with Grids
  • Multitasking on the Shoot: Why Not Get Some Stock Images?
  • The "Forever Image"

Equipment Used:


  • Digital SLR camera


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