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Ever wonder how those glamorous studio fashion shots are made? How the photographer is able to guide and capture the necessary elements—the model's pose, the lighting, the makeup—in just the right way? Well the secret is, none of it is an accident. And the more you pay attention to these elements, the better your shots will turn out.

Seasoned fashion photographer John Beckett reveals many of his tips and tricks in this straightforward, step-by-step beauty portrait lesson.

The following account was written expressly by John Beckett for Web Photo School members:

For working photographers, it's important to keep portfolios fresh and new by experimenting and creating samples with the testing of ideas that give you the opportunity to stretch creatively and learn through successes, as well as by making mistakes.

Sometimes the result will be a great sample, and other times the shot will never make it into the portfolio. But you will have learned a trick or two in the process that can be applied on a paying project or another portfolio sample.

(Most images can be clicked for an enlarged view.)

Topics Covered:

  • Developing the Concept
  • Building Studio Rim Lighting
  • Creating Negative Fill and Preventing Lens Flare
  • The Test Shots
  • Controlling Light Spill with Grids
  • Flipping Panels for a Positive Fill
  • Common Retouching Steps
  • An Alternate Pose

Equipment Used:



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