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Cherie Steinberg Cote sat down with us recently to discuss her newest photographic endeavor. Using the new Photoflex® Grid for the XS OctoDome®, she wanted to explore their application and integration into her unique "Cherie" style, specifically in boudoir shots.

She has ventured into a lighting technique known as "low key" lighting. Low key light accentuates the contours of an object by throwing specific areas into shadow. To control the contrast, you can use a fill light or reflector to illuminate or bounce light into these shadow areas. This effect results in images dominated by darker tones and shadow areas.

Using this technique in boudoir shots has many applications. The desired outcome for most boudoir shoots is to create an intimate portrait in a private setting, oftentimes highlighting the best features of the subject while limiting focus on other areas they may may wish to conceal.

Low Key lighting is ideally suited to accomplishing this goal, and the new Photoflex® XS Grids help the photographer really pick and choose where they want the light to fall.

(Most images can be clicked for an enlarged view.)

Topics Covered:

  • The Setting
  • The Lights
  • The Models
  • Challenges
  • After the Shoot

Equipment Used:


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