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Strobes offer many benefits for the studio photographer including high light output and low heat. This creates a much more comfortable environment in the studio and allows for more control over the placement of the light source. When used in conjunction with light modifiers such as a soft box, the low heat aspect of strobes allows for the light source to be placed much closer to the subject, which works to produce a better quality of light for portraiture.

In this lesson we will look at some basic portrait lighting adjustments using two Photoflex StarFlash strobes, each fitted with a medium Photoflex LiteDome. We will also demonstrate how the adjustable power function on the StarFlash makes it possible to attain beautiful lighting ratios without having to reduce the size, distance, or quality of your light.

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Topics Covered:

  • Camera Settings for Studio Portraits
  • Attaching the Sync Cable
  • Positioning The Lights for Maximum Effect
  • Working With Power Ratios

Equipment Used:

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