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For the portrait photographer, the style of lighting he or she chooses to use will ideally reflect their subject's personality. For instance, an experienced shooter would likely not take the same approach in lighting an infant as he or she would a rock musician. Photographing athletes is no different; you would probably go about photographing a gymnast and a skateboarder very differently.

A good photographer is sensitive to these differences and works to render their clients in an honest and truthful way, while simultaneously lending their own vision to the image.

This lesson illustrates the approach Fred Soares, contributing instructor for WebPhotoSchool, made to photographing this semi-pro freestyle BMX rider. He approached the project bearing in mind that this is an "extreme" sport and wanted the image to reflect that. From the start, he had envisioned a dark, edgy photograph with lots of shadows and selective lighting.

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Topics Covered:

  • The Lighting Plan

  • Positioning the Main Light

  • Adding a Rim Light

  • The Reverse Rim

  • Adding a Second Rim Light
Lights, Camera, Action!

  • Getting Creative With Photoshop

Equipment Used:


Lighting Equipment


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