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Being able to use your lighting gear in the studio, as well on location, is a major advantage in the world of photography today. This is especially important for photographers who only have a handful of options.

Recently, Photoflex introduced a Shoe Mount Accessory Hardware, which allows you to create professional quality images using any brand of shoe mount flash in the studio or on location. The Shoe Mount Accessory Hardware is available individually or in various lighting kits. The shoe mount hardware can connect with all standard four-rod soft box designs via a basic strobe connector. With some slight modification it can also accept an octagon connector, allowing for use of octagon-shaped soft boxes.

This lesson demonstrates how to use shoe-mount flashes with this shoe mount hardware, in conjunction with two extra small soft boxes, a three-foot octagonal soft box, and a small strip light soft box.

(Most images can be clicked for an enlarged view.)

Topics Covered:

  • Setting Up the Background Light
  • Setting Up the First Rim Light
  • Setting Up the Second Rim Light
  • Dialing In the Rim and Background Lights
  • Modifying the Shoe Mount Hardware
  • Setting Up the Octagon Soft Box

Equipment Used:



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