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If you're one of those photographers who like to shoot both outdoors and in color, you know that autumn is the season to gear up for. Vibrant, multi-colored leaves and crisp, blue skies can transform ordinary scenes into spectacular visions. But how will you go about taking pictures of them?

Don't be among the majority of frustrated photo enthusiasts who can't quite capture the richness of this fleeting season. Arm yourself with some basic camera equipment and some straightforward techniques, and you'll be shooting outdoor color scenes like an experienced professional.

This lesson was shot in and around Franconia Notch, New Hampshire last year and examines some simple, yet very effective techniques for capturing vivid Fall foliage shots.

(Most images can be clicked for an enlarged view.)

Topics Covered:

  • What to Carry
  • Adding a Polarizing Filter

  • Tonal Gradations in the Sky
Leaves in Action

  • Creating Selective Focus
The Telephoto Lens

  • Water: To Freeze or Not to Freeze

  • The Controlled Blur

  • Composing Through Live View
Freezing Water
Before the Dawn

Equipment Used:



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