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In coming up for concept for this lesson, I was excited to shoot an action skateboard shot with a skater jumping a trashcan. I had shot a group of skaters for stock the week prior, but had not loved the location. It was cool and all, but I wanted something a bit more intense.

During the time I was thinking about the location, I saw the movie “Max Payne”. I felt that the sets and "film noir" look-and-feel of the film were much stronger than the actual film. I loved the alleys that they shot in and decided to shoot in a downtown LA alley. Action shots like these do not need epic backgrounds to be powerful.

Here, I've included a simple version of the shot captured against a dark background. Its just as powerful, but did not have rats to contend with. I'll talk about the rats later...

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Topics Covered:

  • Finding The Ideal Angle
  • Unloading all the Gear
  • Setting Up Garbage Can
  • Finding the Perfect Camera Angle
  • Creating "Floating" Trash for the Garbage Can
  • Roughing In the Lights Before the Talent Arrives
  • Making A Sturdy Camera Mount
  • Capturing Blue Sky for Composite
  • Setting Up Rim Lighting
  • Controlling The Light
  • One-Light Result
  • Stopping the Action
  • A Note on Strobes and Shutter Speed
  • Tips on Freezing Action
  • Adding Front Fill Light
  • Adding Light to the Skateboarder's Face
  • Adding Second Rim Light and Creating More Fill
  • Four-light & Reflector Result
  • Adding Light to Background
  • Controlling Background Light
  • Trying Special Effects: Smoke Machine

Equipment Used:


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