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New Lessons

Rainy Day Magic on a Sunny Day
posted July 1, 2010

Web Photo School is pleased to welcome Jay P. Morgan back for a second lesson! This one will demonstrate techniques for creating a rainy set on location without the help of mother nature.

Applyting Makeup, Step by Step
posted June 24, 2010

Here, you'll follow along with Billy's Photo Stylist/Makeup Artist, Wendalynn Nelson, as she walks you through each step of the creative makeup process.

Boudoir: Low Key Style
posted March 16, 2009

Cherie Steinberg Cote has ventured into a lighting technique known as "low key" lighting. Low key light accentuates the contours of an object by throwing specific areas into shadow.

An Athlete's Portrait
posted February 16, 2010

Fred approached the project bearing in mind that this is an "extreme" sport and wanted the image to reflect that.

The Hastings-on-Hudson Portrait Session
posted January 19, 2010

Ian shot this lesson at the Riverview Manor Firehouse in Hastings-on-Hudson, New York using members of Engine 46 as his models. These portraits—shot in color and converted to black & white—capture the rawness of these firefighters in all their gritty beauty.

Commercial Portrait: Knockout Motorcycles Part II
posted December 28, 2009

This is the second of a two-part lesson series that takes a behind-the-scenes look at a large scale outdoor photo-shoot.

Commercial Portrait: Knockout Motorcycles
posted November 17, 2009

John Beckett and J2 Productions are back with their third lesson, and this time they'll demonstrate how to light a commercial portrait featuring a motorcycle, an airplane and a couple. As with his other lessons, John takes you through his processes step by step.


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