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Modifying White Balance for Indoor Portraits / Young woman with coffee

If you are just starting out with a digital camera or are making the switch from traditional to digital, you will do well to take some extra time to learn a few important principles of digital photography before you start taking pictures.

Understanding the features of a digital camera (image quality, image resolution, ISO, focal distances, depth of field and white balance settings) and how they differ from that of a traditional camera will allow you to greatly improve the quality of your images.

Once you understand how basics work, however, you can then modify these settings to achieve unique, creative effects. Here, we look at a few different ways to set the white balance in your camera for a natural light indoor portrait.

(Most images can be clicked for an enlarged view.)

Topics Covered:

  • Finding a good portrait location
  • The advantages and disadvantages of available light
  • Elements of portrait composition
  • Adjusting the White Balance to create different moods

Equipment Used:


  • Olympus C-4000 digital camera
  • Olympus 64MB SmartMedia card
  • Manfrotto 3021 tripod with a 410 head


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