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Commercial photographer Dave Smith has been creating food shots for many years. In his own words: "It’s a rewarding field and each assignment is unique with its own challenges. Many assume that I deal with the upper crust of restaurateurs and chefs. In reality, however, it’s the magazine editors, chefs and restaurant owners that I interact with mostly. They are the ones who want their food to look 'national' and who, most importantly, want to build a large customer base."

My photographs have been used in everything from advertising, menus, cookbooks and displays, right on up to billboards. I tend to construct each photo with the customer in mind. In addition to making a given dish look visually appealing, I also strive to generate a physical craving for the taste of the food being displayed. In food photography, it’s all about enticement."

In this lesson, Dave walks us through the basics of food photography and offers up many tips and tricks used by pros.

(Most images can be clicked for an enlarged view.)

Topics Covered:

  • General Tips on Food Photography
  • Camera Settings
  • Focus
  • Lighting Equipment
  • Food Styling/Prep
  • Creative/Composition

Equipment Used:



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