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Shooting Jewelry Simply and Elegantly / Bracelets on stone

When it comes to photographing jewelry, there are different approaches to consider with regards to how you want to portray each particular piece.

If you are deadline driven and have many pieces to photograph, you may prefer to place each piece on a plain white background set, photograph it, and then replace it with the following one.

There may also be situations where you'll want to take a little extra time to integrate props and/or a background to create a more visually compelling image.

Before long, you'll probably find that you can combine elements from each of these approaches to create the quantity and quality of images you'll be happy with.

This lesson demonstrates both basic and dynamic approaches to setting up, lighting and photographing jewelry on a limited budget.

(Most images can be clicked for an enlarged view.)

Topics Covered:

  • Creating a simple, custom lighting set
  • Adjusting the camera settings manually
  • Setting manual focus digitally
  • Built-in flash lighting vs. soft box lighting
  • Creating a pure white background simply and easily
  • Special effects with props
  • How to control the level of contrast and diffusion with a single light
  • Filling in shadows with a 12" reflector

Equipment Used:


  • Olympus C-5050 Zoom digital camera
  • Olympus 128MB SmartMedia card
  • Manfrotto 3001PRO tripod with a 3275 head


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