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Photographing Rings the Easy Way / Diamond ring

If you've ever tried to photograph rings, you know how difficult it can be to get good results.

Simply finding the right way to position a ring can be challenging enough, never mind figuring out how to control the light, shadows and reflections.

It is also important to note that in order to achieve the look they want, most professional jewelry photographers will use special macro lenses and a lot of lighting gear to be able to control the light and perspective very precisely.

While there are many different ways to photograph a given ring, this lesson illustrates some very simple, yet effective, methods that do not require a lot of lighting equipment or additional lenses.

(Most images can be clicked for an enlarged view.)

Topics Covered:

  • Creating a simple lighting set
  • Adjusting the camera settings manually
  • Setting manual focus digitally
  • Experimenting with different ring positions
  • Setting the camera to Super Macro mode
  • How to control the level of contrast and diffusion with a single light
  • Creating a pure white background simply and easily
  • Saving time by shooting multiple rings

Equipment Used:


  • Olympus C-5050 Zoom digital camera
  • Olympus 128MB xD-Picture card
  • Manfrotto 3001PRO tripod with a 3275 head


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