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Photographing Jewelry for Print and the Web / Ring

Anyone who has ever tried to create professional looking jewelry photographing has undoubtedly found it to be a little more challenging than other types of photography for the following reasons:

Since most jewelry is highly reflective, the lighting, size and placement of the piece are all crucial.

For traditional camera to render the details of small jewelry effectively, special -yet costly- lenses are needed (below, you will see how Olympus has changed all that).

Until recently, the cost of purchasing cameras and lighting equipment, coupled with a lack of knowledge in how to photograph jewelry has prevented most people from doing it themselves.

However, tremendous improvements have taken place in both the price and performance of digital cameras. These improvements, combined with affordable lighting equipment and basic knowledge of how to use it (and the camera) no longer makes this process exclusive to specialists.

This lesson demonstrates some simple, effective techniques to photographing jewelry that is invaluable to small business owners, as well as to people selling jewelry and other products in on-line auctions.

(Most images can be clicked for an enlarged view.)

Topics Covered:

  • Digital shooting techniques in the studio
  • The advantages to using soft, diffused light
  • Close-up work with a Macro Lens Attachment
  • Transferring images to a computer
  • Printing tips for optimal quality

Equipment Used:



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