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Photographing glass objects is considered by many to be one of the most challenging tasks in commercial studio photography. However, with the right tools and proper techniques, taking pictures of glass can be fun and highly rewarding. The image you see on the left began as a vague concept, which involved photographing a wine decanter in such a way that the final image would show off both the product and its intended use. Our goal in creating this wine shot was to create a light, airy, or high key atmosphere and to keep the decanter and the wine as the central theme of the image.

When it comes to commercial photography, lighting and attention to detail is everything. This lesson explores the process of creating a conceptual wine shot using two continuous lights and a Plexiglas shooting table, and also demonstrates how to use a few simple digital editing techniques to put the finishing touches on your final capture.

(Most images can be clicked for an enlarged view.)

Topics Covered:

  • Setup and Preparation
  • Camera Settings on EVOLT E-500
  • Experimenting with Side Lighting
  • Using the Backlighting Technique
  • Adding a Second Light
  • Creating a Pleasing Composition
  • Fine Tuning the Lighting
  • Moving into Post Production
  • Creating a Duplicate Background Layer
  • Using a Layer Mask
  • Using Adjustment Layers Creatively

Equipment Used:


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