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Great Jewelry Pictures with the First Studio Product Kit / Gold and diamond necklace

Whether you need to insure your valuables, sell them on eBay or represent the beauty of your works to the world, the First Studio Product Kit gives your product photography professional quality results with amateur prices.

With the ubiquity of jewelry and gem sales online, it is imperative to have accurate and beautiful images of your jewelry to guarantee quality and value to your customer...and to drive those eBay auction sales up!

The First Studio Product Kit makes getting these quality images a snap. The kit is compact so you can use it virtually anywhere without the need for a separate studio. The easy-to-set-up shooting tent guarantees great results every time. Most importantly, you get Photoflex quality and results in every shot.

(Most images can be clicked for an enlarged view.)

Topics Covered:

  • Common Mistakes in Jewelry Photography
  • Using the First Studio to get Great Results
  • Taking it a Step Further

Equipment Used:


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