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Creating Custom Reflections / Wine glass and bottle

If you look through any fine cooking or lifestyle magazine, you'll invariably come across ads or photographs of beautifully lit wine bottles, wineglasses and other such highly reflective objects. Although most people who view these images aren't conscious of the actual lighting elements of these shots, they are drawn to photographs that are well lit. And that, after all, is the point. But as we've seen with other lessons on Web Photo School, lighting reflective objects is not always as easy as it seems, particularly if you don't have the right lighting tools for the job.

This lesson demonstrates a few different ways to go about lighting cylindrical reflective objects, such as wine bottles and wineglasses, and examines the tools that help create a custom look to these shots.

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Topics Covered:

  • Lighting that catches people's attention
  • Lighting reflective objects with Umbrellas
  • Creating shape with a HalfDome
  • Using StripMasks
  • Balancing foreground and background light
  • Changing out soft boxes to modify reflective shapes
  • Softening reflections with LitePanels
  • Examples of digitally modified results

Equipment Used:


Lighting Equipment


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