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Want to make sure that Web Photo School is right for you? Try out these 6 FREE Photo Lessons!

The first thing we want you to learn from Web Photo School is how easy our lessons are to follow and what an improvement they will make in your own photos right away.

Each of these lessons is a full, unaltered lesson. We want you to know the depth and style of our photo lessons so that you can see for yourself how intuitive the lessons are structured before you decide which membership plan to choose.

Our photo lessons show how to improve a shot, step-by-step, with plain text and images that can be enlarged with the click of the mouse. Both set up shots and results shots are shown so that you can see how we took our photos. Lessons cover topics of interest for the photo enthusiast and the seasoned professional.

New lessons are added all the time, about 2 per month, and we will email you when new lessons are posted. As a Web Photo School member, we encourage you to email us for support on general questions, comments, or suggestions.

We are convinced that you are going to love Web Photo School. So please, enjoy all six lessons.

Take your time, check us out, and enroll!


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