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The Digital Photography Education Program is a division of Web Photo School which provides hands on training workshops in digital photography, from basic camera start up, studio lighting techniques and digital editing. Upcoming workshops are:
  • June 4-5 / Cincinnati, OH
  • June 14-15 / Savannah, GA
  • June 18-19 / Tallahassee, FL
For a complete list of all workshops, click here.
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What are people saying about Web Photo School?


The wide range of topics covered by Web Photo School encourages me to expand my photography skills and knowledge. Thank you for always adding new lessons and for keeping up with new techniques.

Nina Johnson


I have been shooting as a hobby for over 4 years but Web Photo School has helped me gain another level in my photography skills. I am now working as an amateur professional photographer thanks to the knowledge and confident I have gained from WPS.

Michael Schott


I am so excited about Web Photo School. There is so much information to absorb that I may not sleep for the next month. I love that there are step by step instructions and pictures to show you what it should look like at the end.

Linda Guidroz


Your lessons are top notch. The step by step process along with the clearly defined illustrations make following the lessons easy and enjoyable.

Michael Hill


As I have begun to grow my photography business, many opportunities have come about where I say "yes" to a particular job and then realize I have no starting point as to how to set-up the shot. Your web school lessons are the best thing to quickly view, perform a similar dry run and then shoot for the client. These lessons enable me to be much more confident in the shoot and help to gain more business opportunities. Thanks.

Ken Bizup
New Jersey


Your photo lessons are second only to real world experience! Thanks for all the help you have provided. I am already a much more educated photographer.

Christopher Elsberry


As a photographer and small business owner, I am always looking for ways to increase sales and expand my versatility. Web Photo School has been a great resource and has inspired me to develop new avenues of income.

Christine Todd

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