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The Digital Photography Education Program is a division of Web Photo School which provides hands on training workshops in digital photography, from basic camera start up, studio lighting techniques and digital editing. Upcoming workshops are:
  • June 4-5 / Cincinnati, OH
  • June 14-15 / Savannah, GA
  • June 18-19 / Tallahassee, FL
For a complete list of all workshops, click here.
how it works
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How Does Web Photo School Work?

• Step One: Become a Member

Choose to join for 1 month for $999, 3 months for $2499, 6 months for $4499 or 1 year for $7999. All members get full access to all of our photography lessons in their entirety.

• Step Two: Log In

Every time you visit Web Photo School, simply log in with your email address and user password. You will be able to view any and all of our lessons for the duration of your membership.

• Step Three: Select a Lesson

Lessons can be located by topics of interest (for instance indoor portraits or product photography), popular lessons, new lessons or all lessons.

• Step Four: Enjoy the Lesson

Each lesson is written clearly and to the point, with showing how shots are set up and the results of each set up. Just click on images in the lessons to enlarge for better viewing.

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